Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing is a marketing strategy to cater to the needs of companies that are aiming to acquire high-value customers. In Account-Based Marketing, the message that has to be conveyed to specific audience is personalized to resonate with them. Account based marketing has been on the rise since organizations are increasingly favoring the focused approach. As the definition goes Account based marketing is a strategic approach which marketers use to support a defined universe of accounts, including strategic accounts and named accounts. Research suggests that Account Based Marketing has much higher ROI compared to other marketing approaches.

Account Based Marketing with Resolute B2B provides clientele to :

  • Discover & Define high value accounts
  • Define, personalize and effectively target telemarketing
  • Measure, learn and optimize
  • Achieve a distinction from competitors
  • Achieve Higher-value opportunities
  • Achieve Astounding conceivable rate of profitability
  • Reap promising outcomes