Content Syndication

Content Syndication is very important for B2B companies looking forward to expand their sales funnel.

It’s the rare B2B client for whom content syndication should not be a foundational part of their demand gen mix.

Resolute B2B telemarketing offers several advantages that make it a solid choice for top-of-the-funnel lead generation — especially when your goal is to feed effective sales conversations, drive revenue & increase ROI.

Why Content Syndication and our process- Telemarketing

  • Engagement: We use live phone discussions it is one of the best methodology for lasting impression on Prospect. They are more likely to remember the call and be receptive to a follow-up.
  • Interest: Our sales ninjas speak directly with Prospect to get a more accurate read on their level of interest (“Sure, send it over, but we’re not interested,” vs. “That sounds great”). You cannot judge intent from an email form.
  • Intent: We explain the purpose of content and the reason for sharing it over the phone call, which means people are more likely to opt-in. In an email.
  • Opt-in: Where the opt-in language on a landing page is often fine-print or deliberately concealed. Our sales ninjas specifically ask each prospect to opt-in. Explicit opt-ins, for better follow-ups.
  • Verification: We verify business credentials and make sure each Prospect is a decision-maker, influencer or recommender at their company.
  • Promise of future engagement: We use call cadence process and separate responsive leads from those who don’t answer their phones. Each delivered Prospect has answered the phone at least once.