Operations Excellence


At Resolute, we have a dedicated team on Operations Excellence, that track key indices to maintain overall process quality and reliability. Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are an important measure of value for third party fulfilment.

KPI’s presently tracked at our site include:

Customer satisfaction on overall performance

At Resolute, Customer Satisfaction is given top-most priority. Our goal-oriented teams believe in setting up their own internal benchmarks for the Overall Customer Satisfaction levels. Extensive Customer Satisfaction Surveys are conducted in order to measure each of the new results against the old, hence creating an environment of continuous customer focused improvement.

Turnaround time - on logistics delivery

Another KPI we focus on is the Turnaround Time, commonly referred to as TAT. At Resolute we constantly achieve Turnaround Times within the stipulated Time Period (Usually ranging from 24-48 hrs.) with high amounts of accuracy (6-Sigma). Hence scheduling and focus in order to achieve TATs according to customer requirements is one of the major advantages that we offer to our customers.

Cycle Time

Cycle Time is the total elapsed time to move a unit of work from the beginning to the end of a physical process. We at Resolute put a strong emphasis on Cycle Time in order to provide our customers with a Lean Fulfillment Solution. We constantly monitor our cycle times and eliminate all types of wasteful expenditure of resources in order to offer the best possible services.

The various Cycle Times that we monitor include

  • Customer Order Promised Cycle Time
  • Customer Order Actual Cycle Time
  • Purchase Order Cycle Time

Stock Optimization

We maintain a clear record of the inventory that we possess. A constant check on stock to ensure there are no shortages and time to time book keeping to stay on track. We have a dedicated team which looks after stock optimization, their primary focus is to monitor stocks and plan the inventory requirements. In addition, a regular MIS report updating clients of the Non-Moving Stock is sent out.

Yield Reports

At Resolute, Yield is critical and it is measured basis the fulfilment of orders raised by the end-customer. We ensure accuracy in maintaining yields as per orders received.